Monday, October 29, 2007

*It's M.M. Monday!* -Prince Stick a Sock In It!

***I know there's idiots in the world, I just didn't know artist formerly known as Prince, now currently referred to as Prince (reminds me of AT&T) again, is one of them.Him and his record label are tripping over a youtube video of a fat cheeked baby dancing to "let's go crazy." To quote my daughter :"ARE YOU SERIOUS?!"

Prince get over yourself and sip on your one cup of lemon water all day, and chill. The baby knows good music when hears it.

Read the story below, video immediately follows:

Prince, Record Label Go Crazy over Dancing Baby

In the battle between record companies and Internet users over copyright issues, an 18-month-old baby dancing to Prince's "Let's Go Crazy" finds himself smack in the middle.

Stephanie Lenz posted a 29-second video clip of her son dancing to the Prince track back in February, according to ABC News. In June, she received an email from YouTube saying that her video had been removed at the request of Universal Music Publishing Group, and that she could have her YouTube account canceled in the event of any future copyright infringements.

In response to Universal's "takedown notice," Lenz filed a "counter-notice" and her video was restored six weeks later. For its part, YouTube told ABC that they are bound by provisions in the Digital Millennium Copyright Act to honor all takedown and counter-notices.

In a statement released to ABC, Universal said, "Prince believes it is wrong for YouTube, or any user-generated site, to appropriate his music without his consent ... It's simply a matter of principle
See the video:

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