Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Oh Lawd!

He's smilin' & profilin' but is he pimpin'?
(image courtesy of Google Images)

While perusing the ever informative blog www.independentconservative.com, I came across a post about a popular church here in Michigan called Detroit World Outreach, aka DWO. Needless to say it was an Channel 7 News expose on the pastor who is living in a $3.6m home. Must be nice. Did I mention, that he's living in a $3.6M as in million DOLLAR, home? Did you know the church is paying for it, and Michigan IS STILL in a recession, but he's living in palatial mansion??? Oh, ok. I just wanted to be sure.

Pulpit Pimp??? I'm not sure if he's pimpin' but he's living the life in the pulpit!
see for yourself:

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