Monday, October 08, 2007

**UPDATE** Marion, Did Not Waste Time Returning the Medals!!

Marion Jones Returns Five Medals from Sydney Games
Date: Monday, October 08, 2007

(AP) Her reputation is gone and now so are Marion Jones' Olympic medals. Jones gave back the five medals she won at the Sydney Olympics on Monday and agreed to forfeit all other results dating back to Sept. 1, 2000, further punishment for her admission that she was a drug cheat.

The three gold medals and two bronzes were turned over by her attorneys in Austin, Texas. They are en route to U.S. Olympic Committee headquarters in Colorado Springs, and the USOC will return them to the International Olympic Committee.

"We've done what we can," said Jim Scherr, the USOC's chief executive officer. "We caught the person who was not clean. We've got the medals in our possession, and we will return them to IOC."

Fielding a clean team is a priority for a country trying to improve its image in the Olympic movement -- not to mention win the 2016 Games -- and USOC chairman Peter Ueberroth pledged Monday that the U.S. team at next summer's Beijing Olympics will be drug-free.

But when American stars like Jones or Athens gold medalist Justin Gatlin get busted, it doesn't help the cause. Gatlin is facing a ban of up to eight years after testing positive for testosterone and other steroids in April 2006 -- one month before tying the then 100-meter world record.

"Even though it is a negative going back, this will be viewed as positive in our commitment to fielding a clean team," Scherr said of Jones' punishment

I hate to see Marion have to go through this, but she'll be fine.
I guess she just wants to get it over use in puttin off the inevitable.
She stepped up to the plate, better than the men I've seen!


  1. true true. marion will be fine. i wrote about the same thing on my blog. it took courage to come forth. she didn't have to and yes, it's better than most men would do.

  2. Hi Natural, and welcome to You Better Recognize. I'll definitely show some love right back at ya! I read an article that referred to Marion as the biggest fraud. I refused to post it...because there are MANY athletes have brought shame to the game-and at least SHE CONFESSED-regardless of her reasoning. Bonds just broke a record...and everyone knows he was doping. *smh* I believe God will honor her in a different way. At least that's my prayer for her! :)
    Again, welcome to YBR- Natural ^5

  3. I too feel bad for Marion. She obviously received some poor advice in the past.

    Ironically, I believe she would have won without the steroids.


  4. Hi Lynn,
    I believe the same thing! When you're #1, it's hard staying there. And then when your coach feeds you a load of garbage and feeds on your insecurities (i'm sure he reminded her of endorsements which may be lost if she's not on top of her game etc), that doesn't help. Be that as it may the decision was ultimately hers-if the coach says don't say anything...well that's a flag right there. I'm just glad her conscious is clear now. Now the chile can get some sleep, and when you know your mama have your back-you can take on the world!! In the video, I knew mama was feeling the pressure too-she was killing that piece of gum she was chewin on!! hee hee ;) ROFLMBO


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