Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Yoland 'Lala' Brown-featured singer of Lyfe Jennings, and boyfriend-murdered

Passing through, I came across this post as I was preparing my exit (see below)
What is it going to take to stop the insanity?!

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Yolanda ‘Lala’ Brown, 21, best known for singing with Lyfe Jennings on the song, “S.E.X” (song about young ladies choosing abstinence over sex) was found murdered alongside her boyfriend in Milwaukee on Friday. I got a lot of emails about this yesterday but finally found a valid link.

A familiar voice to Milwaukee R & B fans has been silenced. Twenty-one year old Yolanda “La La” Brown and her producer, 22-year-old JeTannue Clayborn, were found dead in their recording studio Friday night.

Milwaukee police say both were found in the Loud Enuff Productionz studio at 55th and Lisbon. Both had gunshot wounds and had been dead at least a day before being discovered. They were reportedly dating.

JeTannue’s mother, Dina Chambers, describes him as energetic, with an eye toward making music his career. “He loved music. He loved people. He was very kind. They called him “Koo Laid” because every time you saw him, he was smiling.” [SOURCE]

According to one CL reader she was survived by a daughter. Horrible news. For the Lyfe Jennings video, please check after the jump.


This is La La’s uncle. On behalf of the family we thank you for your support. Although we are sad that she is not with us we will celebrate her life. She has touched the world with her God given talent.

Please, stop the killing. Stop it now. Money, hate, there are no reasons to take another life. Hug your child and tell them it’s not ok to kill. We will raise her daughter and celebrate La La’s life. -Robert



Tragic, tragic.

We extend our prayers and condolences to the families of Lala & JeTannue.

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