Friday, November 23, 2007

File This Under:: You Know You're Ghetto When...

Idiocy* at it's finest

*[id-ee-uh-see] 1. utterly senseless or foolish behavior; a stupid or foolish act, statement, etc.
2. Psychology. the state of being an idiot.

BOY, PLEASE!(Update: His name is Sean Kingston, singer/rapper)

I don't know this kid-however my kids do, so he must be somebody-and i'm getting old.
He may be somebody in my kids' book, but I can't get past his ghetto-poverty-mentality move by flaunting his immaturity.

Boy, you better retain a financial advisor for investment advice, and get your money back from the jeweler who seen a sucka approaching a mile away!
(be it rent-to-own or otherwise)
What kind of Crayola frackanackle bull crap is this?

I guess next, he have a blinged out coloring book.
give me a break.

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