Sunday, November 18, 2007

It's Too Soon, Kanye...

In the world of showbiz, we know the "show must go on"
but the passing of a parent you were close to,
is always an exception to the rule, Kanye courageously attempted to move on with life, but when the song he wrote for his mother began to play,
Kanye lost his composure.
If you like, you may view the video below.

It's understandable to not want to sit around at home twiddling your thumbs,
but the wound is still toooo fresh to perform before a live audience.

Expend your time in prayer, maybe write songs, SUING DR. JAN ADAMS (i digressed for a moment), oiling your firearms-i mean you never know! Lord, oops I did it again!)
anything that doesn't necessitate going onstage.

It's ok to grieve the loss of your mother, Kanye.
She was your greatest support system and # 1 fan.
The show will go on, it just won't go on today.

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