Thursday, November 08, 2007

Suing Dog is NOT the Answer....

Drumbeat to my girl, AJ of Over Analyze It for posting the latest goings on with The Chapman vs. Tucker/Monique (nicca gf).

After reading this article in the National Enquirer, it confirmed what I already knew. Bigmama Beth co-signed that racist crap...and well Lyssa-even the "Britney Spears extensions kit" didn't help the poor child too much. Lyssa on the left For job security purposes if she (and her other siblings) wants to keep working with daddy, she (they) better subscribe to daddy's theology otherwise, to the unemployment line they go.
If you don't stand for something, you'll fall for anything....esp daddy's crap.

***Moving on...this blog is primarily about the girlfriend of Dog's son Tucker. Her name is Monique. Monique was the one Dog was referencing to in the infamously recorded phone call. It turns out now that she's decided to sue Doug Chapman. *sigh* Ok. Monique, let me ask you this: If Dog wasn't "The Dog" would you even THINK of suing him, or would you simply say,"you know what? He's a loser and I don't need him or his twisted dysfunctional family in my life??

Yep...he disrespected you. Yep you were embarrassed, yep everyone is aware of you now. So what. What do you hope to achieve by suing him? I know you didn't ask but i'm giving it anyway...suing Dog is spiteful. He's making such a fool out of himself trying to prove he'snot racist that it's comical. Bigmama Beth needs to make rounds with him...but anyway. Suing him isn't going to change anything...except maybe add the word "opportunist" to the "N-word" to describe you.

It's not worth it. Dog isn't worth it, Bigmama Beth isn't worth it...I pray that God heals your heart and you can come to forgive them, but they're not worth it. Forgive and move on. It's easier said than done, but it can be done.

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