Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Uplifting One Another When We Can't Stand Alone...

"Strength" by Frank Morrison, Morrison Collection

Recently I became a member of an awesome group that seeks to uplift, empower, and strengthen women of color called,
"Colored Girls Who Have Considered Cutting Off Their Hair..."
check out the blog here

Not only are words of encouragement exchanged among my sisters,
but Christ is ELEVATED.

I'm asking the regular contributors and LQQKY-LQQS (aka lurkers--i love you too!) of You Better Recognize to hold up one of my sisters, in prayer. Her name is LJ, and very recently she lost her husband. One can only imagine what it feels like, and even then it's still inconceivable.

Pain, is pain. Hurt, is hurt. And loss, is loss.

Assist in her healing, by putting her before the Lord, and ask God to bring comfort to LJ during this time of mourning.
It costs you nothing, but it'll mean everything.

If you would like to leave a personal message of upliftment (seems like a real word to me) to LJ
click here
I bet she'll apreciate it! :)

Love you and God bless, LJ

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