Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Jack The Ripper to Finally Come Out Of His Pockets! $$$$

Hot mess indeed...

JAN ADAMS TO FINALLY PAY MALPRACTICE VICTIM: Doc to compensate woman suing over abandoned surgical sponge.

*As Tuesday's "Dr. Phil" featured guest Lori Ufondu explaining how Dr. Jan Adams left a surgical sponge inside of her during breast implant surgery, a settlement was being worked out between the parties to address the judgment awarded Ufondu that has yet to be paid.

Six years after Adams performed the surgery, Ufondu went under the knife again seven years later with a different surgeon to correct alleged mistakes made by Adams. It was then that the surgical sponge was discovered. She sued Adams for malpractice and was awarded $180,000, but he never paid.

Ufondu's attorney Bob Nehoray told that Adams has made one payment and will continue to do so until April 7, when both parties are due in court again to make sure the money is being paid.

Adams, the surgeon who operated on Kanye West's mother Dr. Donda West the day before she died, appeared in court last month to answer questions about his assets

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