Saturday, January 26, 2008

This is An Encore Post::::Deidra of Black & Missing...Still Going Strong!

A little over a month ago, I posted about a young lady named Deidra who has dedicated her blog to missing black people. She's done what mainstream media has REFUSED to do...REPORT OUR MISSING PEOPLE. I felt she deserved a repost. Family, PLEASE add Deidra to your blogroll, and visit her blog and get some of the stories and post them. We never know what may come of it.
Thanks-Bria :)
It's your time to shine, Deidra :)

Mz. Deidra of 'Black And Missing'
A Voice In The Wilderness...

While working on the post for Karyn McConnell Hancock, I researched via Google, the subject of missing black women and little or no media coverage.

Imagine my surprise when I stumbled upon a blog that is dedicated to missing/found/or recovered black people who's garnered little or no media attention.
Check out Mz.
Deidra's blog and add it to your blogroll:
Black and Missing, but Not Forgotten

The dedication that's necessary to continually update a blog of this type is nothing short of divine.

Deidra refers to herself as "Just a concerned black female :)"
I beg to differ.
Deidra has chosen to become a warrior in the fight against disparate treatment of minorities in the media-and has wielded her blog as her weapon.

And for that I say

Not only is keeping up this type of blog an arduous one, but it can be frustrating, as well as rewarding. Check out an interview with Deidra: Deidra Speaks. I too remember the case of Stepha Henry and the planned interview surrounding her disappearance. I also remember MSNBC decided Paris Hilton going to jail took precedent over a black woman who was missing.
Ratings wouldn't be high enough.

I was heated!

Deidra, I just wanted to throw some love your way...I can't imagine how much comfort you've brought to the missing people's families and loved ones-knowing they indeed are not alone.
God bless you!

Black & Missing

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