Friday, January 25, 2008

Ohhhhhhh, Kwame!

REPORT: Mayor Used City Funds for Affair

The Detroit Free Press is reporting that Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick used city funds to cover some personal travel expenses as he rendezvoused with Chief of Staff Christine Beatty across the country.


DETROIT (AP) - A newspaper report shows Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick and an aide used taxpayers' funds at times for personal expenses as they traveled together across the country.

The story published in today's Detroit Free Press comes after a prosecutor last week launched an investigation into allegations that Kilpatrick and Chief of Staff Christine Beatty lied under oath about an affair.

The paper found Kilpatrick and Beatty planned a trip to Denver. His official appointment calendar described it as "Gone Fishing!!!"

Text messages show they also discussed romantic getaways to Houston, West Virginia and "the islands."

The newspaper reported Thursday it had examined about 14,000 text messages on Beatty's city-issued pager indicating they had been intimate.

Channel 7 Chief Investigative Reporter Steve Wilson has discovered Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick spent a recent weekend with a mystery woman at a mountain resort in North Carolina.


(ANCHOR) Explosive new information to report tonight in the scandal involving Detroit mayor Kwame Kilpatrick. Our Chief Investigative Reporter Steve Wilson has been breaking new ground as the story has developed and tonight as the mayor continues in hiding there’s more.

(WILSON) There certainly is. Evidence we’ve uncovered that yet again contradicts information provided by the mayor through his spokesmen—and it blows a big hole in his explanation about his extramarital misconduct and again puts his credibility. Now first, let me just put this new information into context for you…

(PKG) Last Wednesday night, just as we were about to air details of those text messages that show the mayor and his chief of staff both lied under oath about their secret, intimate relationship and their roles in the firing of two Detroit cops investigating the mayor, the mayor issued this statement in an effort to downplay the breaking news.

“These five-and-six-year-old text messages reflect a very difficult period in my personal life… he wrote. “My wife and I worked our way through these intensely personal issues years ago,” he added. (click here for statement)

Now we’re learning just as recently as last weekend the mayor was here at a luxury resort in the mountains of North Carolina to speak to a Martin Luther King memorial prayer breakfast.

According to the organizer, his wife and family were not with him … but now Action News has obtained a copy of his hotel bill which shows he was not alone in his room here at the Grove Park Inn & Spa.

Who was the mystery woman connected with the Couple’s Retreat package the mayor enjoyed with a woman who, according to other records we have obtained exclusively, identified herself as Carmen Slowski?

We’ve searched and found no evidence of any woman in Michigan or North Carolina with that name.

This documentation we’ve obtained documentation that shows the mayor and the mystery woman enjoyed an hour-long massage together in the same room before relaxing in a two-person aromatic whirlpool bath together.

Included in the $504 package: chocolate covered strawberries and champagne to wash it down. A few hours earlier, the mayor was alone for a deep tissue massage billed at $264.

(STEVE) We have been in touch with the mayor’s spokesman this afternoon, asking about this trip last weekend. James Canning, the acting press secretary, claimed he knew nothing about any such trip, then hung up on me and never called back.

It was Canning who told reporters last night that the mayor was returning from Florida where we caught him hiding at a home he quietly bought in Tallahassee last summer…but there’s no evidence his spokesmen were truthful when they said he was returning last night.

He was not seen at the airport—and hasn’t been seen all day.
If you are doing dirt and you're in the public eye these two words bring fear:
WXYZ's Investigative Reporter Steve Wilson is off the hook!
Don't let the smooth taste fool ya...Steve Wilson may look like he hasn't a clue about reporting, but let the record show: He's a pitbull with a microphone!
He's been on Kwame's dirt trail since the beginning,and the ego called Kwame, just does not get it.
From the exposing of the Navigator debacle to the text message scandal (see Kwame's Scandals) this young man has continued to embarrass the city of Detroit.
Also...being the megalomaniac that he is...I'm willing to wager Kwame will stay in office, until he's dragged away kicking and screaming, or the citizens of Detroit grab a clue, and wake up from denial.
I wager he'll have to be dragged away kicking & screaming.

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