Friday, January 11, 2008


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Tyra Banks, Is Gracing Essence Magazine's Cover
She looks good.

Well, Tyra's lonely.
Tell us something we don't know.
Give it a rest already.

What is the problem? You're rich, beautiful, the lace front wigs are getting a lot better...sorry, I can't front.
Let me have 2 of those issues.
Chile please...everytime I'd get hit with a pang of loneliness, would mean a new stamp on my passport, ok??.

I think it's a turn off-well, I know I'm turned off by Tyra's invoking of the Oprah W spirit-- if somethin bad happens to a guest, make sure u confess it happened to u too.
This is especially common with Tyra if a guest is single and bemoaning the fact.
yeah Ty-Ty, I know you're going to make the story segment about YOU.
Maybe the guys are bored and tired of hearing u complain about ur status too. In every interview that I've read...she complained about being single-I can only imagine what my friends and family would think if I talked about my singledom ALL THE TIME.
G-Money would check me in such a godly fashion.
and Mama Ivent would tell me to suck it up!
I'm just sayin.

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