Tuesday, January 15, 2008

UPDATE: God Don't Like Ugly

Earl Paulk

Archbishop Earl Paulk expected to turn himself in
(p.s. as of 10am today, he still had not turned himself in)

Archbishop Earl Paulk, one of Atlanta's preeminent religious figures through the 1980s and 1990s, was supposed to turn himself in to Cobb County today on a perjury charge, but had not as of this afternoon.

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation issued the warrant Monday. Paulk is charged with lying during a deposition in a sexual misconduct lawsuit. Paulk said Mona Brewer, the woman suing him, was the only sexual partner he had outside of his marriage.

The deposition in the case was taken in Cobb County, which is why the warrant was issued there.

John Bankhead, a GBI spokesman, said at 1:45 p.m. that Paulk was supposed to turn himself in at 10 a.m., but he had not shown up.

Nancy Bodiford, a spokeswoman for the Cobb County Sheriff's Office, said Paulk had an agreement to turn himself in within 48 hours after the warrant was issued about noon Monday.

Paulk could walk in at any time of day or night, she said. "When he and his attorney are coming in, I don't know," she said.

Paulk's criminal attorney did not return calls.

The perjury investigation began last summer after a DNA test showed Paulk fathered a son with his sister-in-law.

That son, the Rev. D.E. Paulk, now pastors the Cathedral at Chapel Hill in Decatur, the church in which Archbishop Paulk built his reputation.

Brandi Paulk, D.E.'s wife and a minister at the church, said the family had no comment about the arrest.

"We were caught off guard," by the warrant, she said.

"The news knew about it before our attorneys did. We are still in the process of sorting it out."

Archbishop Paulk built an interracial mega-church and a TV ministry in Decatur that attracted national attention and more than 10,000 members.

He also started an association of independent charismatic churches that had member churches across the nation.

His career has been plagued with rumors and charges of sexual indiscretions.

Mona and Bobby Brewer, former staff members at the church, sued Paulk in 2005. They dropped the suit last year for legal strategic reasons, and each filed their own suit against him and the church weeks later.
This man is just nasty.
He had an affair with his bro's wife and sired a child with her.
The child thought Paulk was his uncle, but was later told-he was his father.
Ewwww gross.
Wherever Paulk goes, hotmessness has his back, like his favoritest homey.
Too bad he's 80.
I wish he could've been put under somebody's jail like 30 yrs ago.
He's too old to care now.

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