Tuesday, January 22, 2008

If 'Yonce's a scab...I'm the Rubbing Alcohol!

No Rest for Working...
(l to r) 'Yonce, Solo, and Daddy Dearest

Matthew needs to sit his-holla-holla-anything-for-a-dolla-jack-legged-country-fried-behind down! She BETTER NOT CROSS THAT PICKET LINE!

BEYONCE BACKLASH OVER GRAMMY DECISION?: Mathew's picket line talk not going over well.

*The New York Daily News is reporting that Beyonce may run into static from her industry peers if she goes through with plans to cross a potential picket line to perform at the Grammy's.

"Hours after her dad promised she'd be at the Feb. 10 event, people were ready to call the R&B superstar a scab," columnists Rush & Malloy wrote for Monday's paper.

"Beyoncé was not aware her name was going to be used," one insider told the column regarding the announcement last week from Mathew Knowles that his daughter was planning an "incredible performance" for the telecast.

"Beyoncé, as well as my other artists Solange and Trinitee 5:7, have been asked to participate and will do so," Papa Knowles said in the statement.


You know what? The day is going to come when Beyonce is going to declare mutiny on her daddy, just like the Jackson kids did with Joseph.
I can feel it in my innards now.
'Yonce is going to go "Janet Jackson" on Jos-, I mean Matthew and come out with a song similar to Janet's (words modified to suit Bey's life):
'When I was 26, I did what people told me (sound of Amex CC being swiped)
I did what my father said,
and let my mother clothe me...
but now I've had enuff
I've got-CONTROL
Not gone give it back,
Matt stop talking smack
gotta get some sleeeepppp
My own sched'le I'll keep...

(take it to the bridge)
Mattttheeewwww, I got my own life
And I want to live til I'm old
but you want me to cross a strike line....
(realizing her dad's trying to get her killed she says)
You done lost your mind, trying to get me killed, is you crazy, do you know what those people will do to me? Jay and I are trying to get our rocafella dynasty goin on and u want me to wha-?

*taking the microphone from Matthew*
that' why I gotta have control-ok?
I'm upgrading you, and replacing you Matthew, with the newly freed from YOU, that's right me-'Yonce!

*ad libbbin'*

All the ladies if you hear me say:
Ohhhhh, ohhhhh (ohhhhh, ohhhh)
oh oh oh ohhhhh (oh oh oh ohhhhh)
ohhhhhhhhhh (ohhhhhhhh)
ohhhhhhhh ohhhhhh hoooooo (ohhhhh ohhhhhh hoooo)

Let me hear u say ' controoollllllll' (controoolllllll)
contro ooo ooo ooo ooooolllll (contro ooo ooo ooo ooooollll)
con con con trollllll (con con con troolllllll)

yeah, ladies-that's what i'm talking about...

Now ladies, no offense gentlemen, but this is for the ladies...let me break it down for you:

I got control -ohhhhh ohhhhh
I need control-cuz u tryna kill somebody
I have control-and I ain't givin it back

So let me take you by your tie and find an exit sign
I'm tired as a donkey and you're actin' blind
I'm not tellin u how to roll
but I'm doin this for me
and if you got an issue
then take it up with Jay-Z

I got control -ohhhhh
I need control-cuz u tryna kill somebody
I have control-and I ain't givin it back"

Yeah, that CD is in the works if it isn't-it should be. She's in the union, she should know better.
This can be devastating for her career.
Think about it girl!

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