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Aretha Franklin & Natalie Cole...WHO ASKED YOU?!

Aretha Franklin's Grammy Wrath Is Out Of Control

Aretha Franklin just received a MusicCares Award last week from the Grammys.

She deserved it. A sweetheart friend of mine pulled some strings for me to get a ticket, but I was ultimately unable to attend when a dear relative passed away days before the event.

But when I got the news that I was going to see Aretha perform, I was humbled. I've attended a MusicCares event for Natalie Cole (stay tuned for the irony) several years ago, and it was incredible. The MusicCares event is essentially a night devoted to a singular artist. So if you are a genuine fan, it is a privilege to be in attendance. I could not believe that I was going to get to see the undisputed QUEEN OF SOUL in this setting.

But now, I'm glad that I didn't go.

Today, Hip Hop Media Training launches its own awards show. It's called the WhoCares Awards, and Aretha is the first recipient.

Aretha is upset with the introduction Beyonce made for Tina Turner at the Grammys. Beyonce referred to Tina Turner as the Queen and Aretha felt disrespected, and had enough nerve to complain out loud about it via a statement issued by her publicist (news):

"I am not sure of whose toes I may have stepped on or whose ego I may have bruised between the Grammy writers and Beyoncé. However, I dismissed it as a cheap shot for controversy," Aretha wrote.

Yo, Aretha, Beyonce didn't call Tina Turner the Queen Of Soul. She simply referred to her as the Queen. Ugh, didn't you see the movie "What's Love Got To Do With It?" How about the book? Did you see how great Tina Turner looked on stage at the Grammys, next to Beyonce, who is 42 years younger? Did you see her moves? I know you're a woman, but did you check out her body? Did you see the kind of shape she's in even though she eats off of the Senior Citizen menu at Dennys? Do you know that she will be 70 years old next year? Did you hear how great she sounded? Do you remember how she found the strength to turn everything around after years of abuse from Ike Turner? Didn't you know that she was penniless, but went on to become one of the most successful women in entertainment? Don't you know that Anna Mae Bullock is from Nutbush, Tennesse? Nut-bush! (Do you even know where that is?) You don't remember how she helped revolutionize rock 'n roll, not to mention soul?

What is wrong with you?

You don't think she deserves to be considered a queen?

Not even on the night she is being honored?

Come on now, Aretha. Don't be greedy. Show Tina some R-E-S-P-E-C-T?

If you want to be upset at someone for handing out titles that you think are inappropriate, where were you on the night of June 19, 2001 when your god daughter Whitney Houston referred to her ex-husband Bobby Brown as the King Of R&B at the 1st Annual BET Awards?

We needed you to issue a statement then. That would have been perfect. It would have been fitting for the Queen Of Soul to announce, "Here ye, here ye! Bobby Brown is not the King Of R&B."

But you left us hanging.

Thankfully, Jamie Foxx told us that Whitney apparently meant that Bobby was the King of "Reefer & Beer."

And just because I'm all pumped up, I think I should also toss a couple words in Natalie Cole's direction.

Man. Aretha and Natalie are two of my favorites. I'm telling you. I love some Natalie Cole. Baby Girl, you are underrated. You have some of my favorite songs?

But why are you hating on Amy Winehouse? (news)


What did she do to you?

Why do you think the Grammys were wrong for giving her those awards?

Because she's on drugs?

Is that it?

Natalie, we are not talking about Britney Spears here.

I don't care that Sharon Jones And The Dap Kings are getting shaft and not receiving the credit they deserve for being Amy's backing band. I love them too. But don't try to act like you don't like "Rehab."

Don't try to act like you weren't surprised when you found out that "Rehab" was some blue-eyed soul?

Let the moral courts judge Amy. But the Grammys is supposed to recognize the most outstanding recorded works in the related categories. If you are implying that Amy's work is not worth recognition, you are wrong. How about you go back to the height of your own drug issues and return all the awards you received during that time? How would you feel if your honors were erased from the history books?

We are all proud that you were able to overcome your own bought with drugs. You're looking good Natalie. Try to meet with Amy. Talk to her. Tell her your story. Maybe you can help her.

Just don't do her dirty like Dr. Phil did Britney.

Don't be a hater.

And that's the message for the day. It's for both you and Aretha.

Stop the hateration.

You are legends and you're setting a bad example source

Macy doesn't consider herself a junkie

I agree 100% with the author Billy Johnson, Jr.
These ladies have too much time on their hands to worry about someone else, who's not THINKING ABOUT THEM.
Who does Aretha think she is? You have platinum sales, plaques, awards, etc and you're trippin' cuz T.T. was called Queen?
Is this a joke?
And what makes this ghetto soap opera a trip is that you, Ms. Franklin, behaved in a manner UNBECOMING A QUEEN!
You aired your pettiness out in the open...and your argument is invalid.
That wasn't YOUR NIGHT.
That was about Tina Turner...GET OVER YOURSELF.
What's that song you made with Fantasia...'Put u up on Game"
Let me Put You Up on (some ) Game...
Tina Turner is older than you...shouldn't you respect your elders, MS, R-E-S-P-E-C-T??
Or is respect simply one way when you're involved.
You wanna trip out cuz Tina was called Queen...smh...

And to Natalie Cole:
How can a skillet call the pot, black?!
Did you forget where you came from?
You had the same fight with addiction as Amy Winehouse.
Didn't you receive accolades, applause etc when YOU were strong out in the NOT SO DISTANT PAST??
You say bad behavior shouldn't be rewarded, but I don't see you spouting that in reference to Lil' Wayne, R. Kelly, Foxy Brown, Naomi Campbell...they're infamous with drugs, PEDOPHILIA, violence...but I haven't heard speak on that.
Now this girl is in recovery. A recovering addict such as yourself, should know what kind of detriment words such as yours could do to a person in a delicate state.
Remember when YOU AND YOUR MAMA was in the news when YOU were strung out.
Let's not act brand new.
I'm curious as to the didn't speak about Amy before the Grammys, but you're vocal now.
After she won 5 Grammys.
Seems like you're hatin' to me.
She was as shocked as everyone else to win.
But did Amy give herself those Grammys? Or was it the same panel who GAVE U YOURS?
That child is sick...and I'm so glad I'm not reading about her doing crazy crap in the news anymore. I wish her well in her recovery.
You and Aretha's behavior post-Grammys are embarrassing.
And it's shocking cuz lawd KNOWS you two are old enough to know better.
Your genre's supposed to be the one that has class.
I can't tell.

What I don't get performed with Macy Gray and her drug use was no secret...shoot she alluded to it in her interviews, and how many awards did she win under the influence?? Macy's talented too-I think her 1st cd was the best. But she didn't see anything wrong with partaking. You not only performed on a song...but u popped at her shows- what's up with that?!

Either you're prejudiced (which I doubt) or you're hatin' on her sweepin those Grammys. You should've offered her words of encouragement in her recovery. You know what it's like to have detractors-and now you're one. smh
And just so you know I am a fan of yours, I saw you this summer in Detroit w/Jeffrey Osborne ok, and you looked stunning.

You want to offer commentary on that girl winning Grammys...but keepin' it real...

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