Sunday, February 03, 2008

Thought You'd Like To know...Your Historical Facts...

On February 3rd...

  • Reginald F. Lewis was born on this day in Baltimore, Maryland. He received his law degree from Harvard Law School in 1968. He was a partner in Murphy, Thorpes& Lewis, the first black law firm on Wall Street. In 1989 he became president and CEO of TLC Beatrice International food Company, Lewis became the head of the largest black-owned business in the United States. TLC Beatrice had revenues of $1.54 billion in 1992.
  • Jack Johnson- On February 3, 1903; Jackson became the first Negro Heavyweight Champion
  • February 3rd 1948 Rosa Ingram and her fourteen-and sixteen -year-old sons condemned to death for the alleged murder of a white Georgian. Mrs. Ingram said she acted in self-defense.
  • February 3rd 1989 Tennis professional Lori McNeil defeated Chris Evert in the Pan Pacific Open in Tokyo.
  • February 3rd 1999 On Wednesday, February 3rd, for the first time in history, America's urban students will have a Web site specifically designed to address their educational needs and interests. The site -- called the Cyber-Youth Network -- provides a model for online education by offering students and teachers culturally relevant material that is both educational and entertaining.

Want to know what else happened on February 3rd? Get the facts at Black Facts

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