Saturday, February 09, 2008

You Better Work IT, Robin Roberts!!

After getting upset, enraged, and disheartened due to yesterday's tragic headlines, I thought it's only fitting to make my first post, lighthearted and inspirational. On GMA, the hosts are dared (literally) to come out of their comfort zones. Robin Roberts who's battled cancer, has been dared to work the runway. Not only does she take the dare, but she works the runway BALD! I can't say it enough times-this woman is TRULY A CLASS ACT! Also see Robin Cuts Her Hair

Show them How It's Done, Robin!!

A bald Robin Roberts braved the catwalk today of Isaac Mizrahi's runway show, live from New York Fashion Week.

Her fellow "Good Morning America" anchors dared Robin to do it. What they didn't know t to step on her dress. She said her biggest fear was not falling, but causing a 16-model pile up behind her.

Isaac's entire collection and the full runway show can be seen on his Web site by clicking here: Isaac Mizrahi.

***I didn't see the show at Isaac's site but I did find it at ABC News...See Robin Strut her stuff!***

Why and How She Did It

"The story of my dare began back in July of last year when I was first diagnosed with breast cancer, knowing only that a battle lay ahead," Robin explained.

The last thing Robin says she felt was beautiful. "So when GMA dared me to be a model, it was the perfect opportunity for me to really push outside my comfort zone," Robin said.

To transform herself into a supermodel, Robin sought help from the best.

Tyra Banks showed Robin how to walk the runway. Click here to get more of Tyra's catwalk tips.

Next Robin went to see designer extraordinaire Isaac Mizrahi, who agreed to give her a chance and helped her find the stunning red sequined gown she wore.

The last step before the show was the obligatory photo shoot. Supermodel Nikki Taylor showed Robin how it's done for a special layout in Redbook magazine.

Story and image courtesy of ABC News and Crunktastical

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