Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Hold On...Did Saaphyri (sp.) Win the $50k or Lose $50k on "Charm School?!"

Come on Now...If this chick won $50k, why is she whorin' herself on video-pushin' her "Lip Chap?!"
Who's her audience, the Playboy Channel (cable soft porn) HBO, CINEMAX -after dark, etc??
My goodness is it that serious?
It seems like she's advertising the panties and bra...and just happen to have *whispering* lip chap, lip chap
in the frame!
I need to wash my ears...she has lost 6, 031 demerits in my cool book.

I can't believe she went out like that-peddling herself to sell chapstick. I guess it's hard out there when ur pimped.

Look at this country-fried mess:

courtesy of YBF

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