Friday, April 25, 2008

Blade's Powers Couldn't Overturn A Jail Sentence...

To Paraphrase Nino Brown...He better sit his -$15million buttocks down b4, someone makes change!!

Wesley Snipes aka Nino Brown is headed to Club Fed.
As in Federal prison.
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(pic, below) **Not W.S (it's Mike Tyson)., but W.S. will be rockin this looks soon.

He's a goner for 3 yrs.
See, if he would've gotten ahold of Nicole Richie*, or Lindsay Lohan's lawyers
-he could've been locked up for 8 hours-then be out.
Oh yeah, they're white or almost white.
they're young.
he's black.
they're female,
and the fact remains...he's black.
breaking laws are different when ur black.
ur going to pay.
I'm not saying you shouldn't pay, if you do the crime...
i believe the law should be fair across the board--and it an ideal world somewhere.

**In Michigan, a white male ROBBED A BANK.
the gun was loaded.
he got off.
because the judge said if he had a job (he was an engineer and lost his job)
he wouldn't have resorted to robbery.
Do you think someone named Jamal, Staquita, Carlos or Hussein would've received such treatment?
Don't answer that.
And I digress.

Snipes couldn't use that defense. He had work, and his work paid way more than what we'd ever be accustomed to.
Now...i know there's somethin called Mores (not sure of spelling) where it's supposed to allow black people to be exempt from paying taxes....
however-i'm mindful that the bible says regarding taxes to pay unto caesar (govt) it's due.
That was the law then.
It's the law now.
If you don''ll...well look at Wesley Snipes if you want to know what happens if you don't pay taxes.

Anywhoooo, if this doesn't humble Nino....errr, Wesley I don't know what will.
You cannot skirt, jump over, crawl under or go around the law...esp when evading taxes.
Wasn't he paying attention to Ronald Isley??
He was sent to Club Fed too.

Well, the only thing left is to pray that God covers, and keeps Wesley.
Pray he 's not embittered-as it's HIS responsibility to be steward over HIS money.
And pray that he humbles himself and allow God to do His perfect work.


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