Thursday, April 24, 2008

Star Jones, Recipient of The 3rd Annual Whitney Houston/Terri McMillan Award

What the Whitney Houston/Terri McMillan Award* Is:::: This prestigious award is bestowed upon seemingly smart, intelligent, talented, prominent african-american female celebrities who by all intents and purposes APPEAR to have it all together, until their low self-esteem dictates otherwise-usually in the form of a spouse that even Lucretia the neighborhood crack head wouldn't marry. Brotha man may be a druggie, a ho', bum, DL, an opportunist etc. This brotha's issue is APPARENT TO EVERYONE except his celebrity wife. Even the lady serving hot dogs at the airport tries to warn girlfriend!

They See What They Want To See...

After years of being public fodder, her publicist's laughingstock, looking like a deranged fool as she defends the man she loves, causing record sales for tabloids and People Magazine, attempting to believe her own lies (because she's told them often enough), holding her head up high and giving everyone the 'sideye' DARING someone to say something to her face, going off on paparazzi-when she formerly loved their attention, and a career that's nosedived quicker than a 2-engine cessna- she has a moment of clarity. YES! *applause* The recipient has finally snapped out of denial, apologized to everyone she's cussed out, filed for divorce and undergoes a makeover that would make former talk show how
Jenny Jones envious, causing her career to soar to newer and greater heights.

View below as Houston accepts her name sake award, as 2nd recipient of W.H/T.M. Award, past recipient was Terri McMillan:
The 3rd annual Whitney Houston/Terri McMillan Award is being awarded to a woman who's known for her no holds barred attitude towards controversial, legal topics as well as at a smorgasbord- back in the day.

This woman is educated, a legal eagle beagle, who has had ringside seats during prominent court trials, and who's opinion was greatly respected. She's always expressed love for her mother, and father (who's not her biological dad, btw), as well as shoes. As a matter of fact, this self-proclaimed 'Diva' was spokesperson for Payless Shoe Source.

Although we know her, she needs no further introduction, she is a household name ...HOWEVER, she seemed to have lost credibility when she introduced her 'husband' Al. Eyebrows furrowed, the 'kids' snapped 3x's, necks AND eyes rolled, question marks were seen poppin' up all over the place, the most texted acronyms (in reference to Star and spouse) on celebrities' t-mo sidekicks were "WTH, WTF, SMH and IDK", and the whispers commenced in every hollywood clique. Even Paris Hilton self-centered behind was concerned.

Nonplussed, Star Jones-YES STAR JONES...held her head high.
She went gastric on some negroes, lost weight, had saggy skin, then she didn't have saggy skin, then she tightened up the saggy skin, then there was cleavage, then the cleavage was covered up, gf all but begged for sponsors to hook her up for her wedding (and they did), she cracked Barbra Wawa's face, and she loves her some swimsuits! She's tried several looks, and she has finally found her niche!!

That Starrrrr...I'll tell ya! (((YOU LOOKIN' GOOD GIRL!!)))

Just like in the courtroom, Star defended her 'man' to the death in the face of rumors, and contrary to the opinion of her friends.

Until recently.

Yes...Star Jones has come to out of her denial coma and has filed for divorce a month ago, March 26th to be exact.

While we're all saddened upon hearing another marriage dissolving (for that is not God's will)-some marriages should have never taken place.

I wish both parties the best.

Having said all of that-it is my pleasure to present Starlet aka 'Star' Marie Jones as the 3rd annual recipient of the Whitney Houston/Terri McMillan Award.

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Star Jones' reaction, after Larry King informs her of being a nominee for the Whitney Houston/Terri McMillan Award *sniff* lol (she's not quite ready to give up the ring just yet-after all, she DID PAY for them!)


***Family, who do YOU nominate for the Whitney Houston/Terri McMillan Award? Is there someone you'd LIKE to see qualify for the award?
What say you?***

*Disclaimer-if there is a such thing as a Whitney Houston/Terri McMillan Award it is strictly, purely, unequivocally coincidental-and I swear I don't get down like's simply a case of great minds thinking alike, ya dig? I don't know nothin' 'bout Whitney 'cept what Bobby said in his book, and she don't know nothin' about me....except what my exes said-and don't believe nothin' they tell u, Whitney- cuz they're h8rs! Havin' said all of that...don't even think about serving me an injunction, cuz it's not that serious. Also Star...I'm showing u love, so don't be trippin over here either...i'm just glad u finally recognized! Terri, I understand you have anger issues-he's scum (God bless him, Lord!) but please be assured...God AIN'T DONE WITH ME EITHER..ok?? Having said that...i'm just having fun. Relax and enjoy your singledom :)

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