Saturday, May 24, 2008

FDA...blessing or curse??

If the FDA would insist on longer test trials...(most of) these recalls, and lawsuits would be (almost) irrelevant!

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Geesh...even nipple cream ain't safe anymore.
Mommy Bliss had to remove their nipple cream from the shelves due to babies becoming sick. The babies are experiencing 'respiratory distress, vomiting an diarrhea'...honey, that's what happens to me when I eat dairy products!!!

For those who aren't familiar with nipple's used moisturize dry, cracked nipples which stems from breastfeeding. Babies can sure do a number on the boobs...but you don't want your boobs doin' a number on your baby!!
FDA...stop passing these pharmaceutical products and make those geniuses test that mess longer...i'm so paranoid to try a new medical product cleared by FDA, cuz in 3 mos ur gonna hear about a darn recall!
Naww I'm straight!

Ivent's advice?? Shoot, just throw some aloe vera gel, vitamin E on your boobs, or find some brown medicated vaseline on your areola/nips...and call it a day, and don't forget to air dry your boobs after nursing-that helps a great deal!


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