Saturday, May 31, 2008

My Nephew...Our Soldier...

My son, Tone (soon to be 17) mentioned the possibility of him going into the Marines. I gave him the look of death...but not for the reason you may think. Before he can put on that proud uniform, he must be able to pass the ASVAB exam-he had forgotten about that part! lol

However, the conversation naturally turned towards his cousin Adrian...excuse me, Captain Adrian Massey...who is doing the doggone thang overseas.

(Capt. Adrian Massey, abv)

I met Adrian thru his uncle (Tone's father), some 18yrs ago. My goodness, I think he was about 10, 11 at the time.

What stuck out about this young man were his manners (GREAT JOB, PAT!!), that he had a maturity, that's seen more often in adults than children-common for children who grow up in single parent homes.

While Adrian's younger brother Darren (who's in the armed services as well!!) was shyer and more serious, Adrian was more engaging.

Well, I heard that my nephew has a book of poetry out, so I googled him. Well, not only does he have a book

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But he also has a blog called
The Musings of U.S. Army Captain Adrian Massey

I'm highlighting Adrian, not because he's my nephew, or my son's cousin. But because he and his regiment and other soldiers around the world need our love and support.
Just go on over to Adrian's blog and holla at him. It means so much. whenever I see a soldier...and I mean EVERYTIME I see them...I always say THANK U for what you're doing. I don't care if they're in the reserves. I thank them too!

Adrian is not only a soldier, he's:
  • A college graduate-Eastern Michigan
  • A a husband
  • Father to a beautiful baby girl
  • Minister
  • Big brother/Big cousin
  • Son of a proud mom
  • Mentor
I'm very proud of Adrian...who would've thought the kid with the easy smile would turn out to be such a fine example!
Adrian I'm proud of you, and thank you for being a great example to your cuz, Tone :)

love u,

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