Tuesday, June 03, 2008

For Those Living Under Bridges & Rocks...


Thank GOODNESS, I didn't make a bet with Wayne of Electronic Village! He told me (very early this year, I think) that by the end of the year I'd be voting for Obama, and I said...yeah, right. VERY SHORTLY after that exchange my candidate conceded...WAHHHHHHHHHH! Out of the choices left (lesser of the evils) I went for Barak. I must admit it did become exciting.

However, it was also INCITEFUL. I don't know what's up with Hillary, but she's really made me change my opinion of her. Yes, she does have testicular fortitude
but she sho' nuff fought dirty.
I don't understand how she can talk as much smack about Obama, including her subtle hints toward his assassination and then volunteer to be his VP...HILLARY?! HAVE U NO SHAME????
Anyhooo...if she ends being VP, I'm goin to feel like Obama played me to the left and I'll vote for McCain out of spite. Also, if the college vote determines the outcome of the election, 2008 will be the last election i vote in.

Just keeping it real.


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