Wednesday, June 04, 2008

It Ain't Ova Til The Lady with Testicular Fortitude Says it is!

Posture of Defeat???


Sen. Hillary Clinton said Tuesday that she will let her supporters and party leaders decide her course.

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It's time for Hill to hang up the microphone and podium.
While I'll admit that I admired her for undertaking an arduous task such as vying for the democratic ticket to run for President, and I also admire her for making history-1st woman to even attempt such a feat, I'm nonetheless ready for her to go to the Hamptons, Turks and Caicos, Tibet, Nepal, Myanmar...wherever people of her financial status go for a sabbatical.

Never in my life has my opinion changed regarding a woman in the public eye.
I praised her for sticking by her rascal of a the midst of embarrassing public scrutiny. I admired her forage into senatorship...but now enough is enough.
The ploys, tactics, tricks and lies this woman pulled out of her bag was unbelievable. But even with all the witchcraft, Obama still won.
I guess nice guys (as nice as a guy can be vying for Presidency) can finish 1st.

I'm glad Obama is in the position to run for presidency, not because he's black...but because IMHO being president of the U.S.A. is not for a woman.

That's right I said it.
There are just some things that should be left to men.
I could CARE LESS about opinions that oppose mine's. Hillary DID NOT WIN cuz it was not ordained for her to be president of the USA.
She would not be able to handle it (the position).
Also, I DO NOT believe she's for the people.
Why would she garnish our wages to insure health care for everyone??
why couldn't she mandate insurance companies LOWER THE PRICES so that it's affordable for everyone??
Check out Michael Moore's doc entitled "Sicko."

I hope this woman, known for her testicular fortitude, can finally bow out and concede gracefully-like the WOMAN she is.
Good job Hillary.
Now PLEASE sit your as* DOWN! LOL

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