Sunday, June 01, 2008

Why I Would NEVER become a teacher...

I came across this video at Free2bee's blog, and I tell you...this video has confirmed in spirit and elsewhere why there's not enuf money in the world to teach today's U.S.A. high schoolers.

Let the record show...i'm not speaking of those students who are serious about learning and know why they're there. There are students who choose to rise above their circumstances.

I'm speaking of those who have (for whatever reason) anger and choose to take it out on those who are there to teach. The only way I'D teach kids would be if they're in preschool or kindergarten (and I'd think twice about that)...or I can come strapped with a glock or two, and Jesus came back in the flesh and told me it's either do this or go straight to hell!

As you watch this video...listen to the background as some kids are laughing.
What in the HELL (yeah, i said HELL) is so FUNNY???
I tell you, we're our own worse enemy.

source: Free2bee

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