Friday, July 11, 2008

In the "Moving Right Along" News...

Spike says Jesse's jealous, and needs to sit down (I know that's right!)

Tailor-Made dumps 'New York'
(fakin' the funk since Feb/March!)

Another black entertainer glorifies liqua

Nas is ignant, & proud of it

ANTM Jaslene still hasn't eaten

Will Smith needs to learn when to SHUT UP

CONSPICUOUSLY Inconspicuous MiJac begs 4 attention

Gloucester H.S.'s role model, speaks. (the baby's fine)

Video ho--, err Vixens beefin' w/each other

Usher V, looks a LOT BETTER in this pic

Unknown (to me) rapper Yung Berg's babes must be his color or lighter smh

Russell Simmons' looking 4 a new barely legal

Doesn't look like new-ager Oprah will be fixin' d'em feets anytime soon! smh


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