Saturday, July 12, 2008

Sherri...U'd NEVER See Whoopi Roll Like That!! SMH

"Yes'm, Ms. Waltas...I beez cleanin' wit' a smile on ma face..mmmhmmm yes'm"

What in tarnation has gotten into you, Sherri Shepherd!!

I know Whoopi, took off those shades, started to say something, and instead chose to shake her head.

I hope after the ceremony, she took u into a closet and shook the ish out of you, too!!

This is what i get for trying to creep over to my blog mama's crib, Lynn of Hicktown Press!

I come across this mess! smh

I tell you right now, had I been in Hollywood (L.A., is my hometown) and witnessed that buffoonery--I'da sent up a post via my T-mobile Dash to YBR soliciting for bail money, cuz I done whooped up on some Sherri Shepherd for her mammy foolishness!!

If it's not enough that she's grinning like a cheshire cat, it's a) she has an 'amn-da' (remember Pig Latin??) toothbrush and b) a copy of Wa-Wa got-dang book at her knees c) a book that exploits black folks, cuz otherwise no one would be interested in reading the snoozer!

Do you honestly think she won't put your idiosyncracies in her next book????
U better check yourself!

HEFFA...what in Sam Blazes is wrong with you?? I mean seriously, job security is tight for the non-celebrity...but is it that serious that u have to skin & grin on ur knees in order to hold onto YOUR JOB?!'ve made stupid, idiotic, retarded remarks...but girl u don't have to trip unless your contract is up for renewal...
IS it up for renewal??

U know what?
Even Mammy from Gone With The Wind...put her foot down with Scarlett!
Remember the line, "I don't know nothin' 'bout birthin'no babies?!" And Mammy didn't volunteer to take lessons, either! lol

Sherry, you're a Christian.
Cuz she AIN'T!
Get ahold of yourself, and stop being a sycophant!!
You're embarrassing us, dang!


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