Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Beyonce, Is that you?!

Ok ummm...friggin Photoshop is getting ridiculous.
Beyonce is an A-list celebrity, which means SHE WUD HAVE FINAL AUTHORITY AND CREATIVE SAY ON PROJECTS. Was she even in the studio? or did they cut/paste her over a white model and just reinvent her behind?

Question: Can you tell the difference between the two pics, below??

Beyonce in her pre-caucasoided, depigmentized state (b'low)

after she's been caucasoided, an depigmentized courtesy of Photoshop (below).

Bey, I bet this was done by someone who looked like who did it why an what for!!

Probably a 'puter nerd, drinking Red Bull all night with nothing better else to do but to make Bey into the woman HE WISHED she was. This is an insult.

What's wrong with these computer fools??

She can't POSSIBLY think she looks like the pic above?!
Why would she ok this crap???

I'm not sure why she accepted this gig anyway...that's not her hair that's blonde, she has a front lace wig atop of her head!!

She would be much more credible if it was advertising for a lace front wig company!
I guess u gotta pay those bills the best way u know how, huh?

That ain't just ain't right
I'm SURE 'Yonce has a plausible explanation for this...right????


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