Saturday, August 23, 2008

Go 'Head Britney!!

I haven't written about Britney Spears in such a long was just too tragic!

Dang, she was wasted, bloated, lost her kids, divorced, addicted to Starbucks/junk food...i mean it's a bad soap opera.

But lately, I've been seeing headlines online 'bout Britney's bringing her sexy back. Ok. Didn't have time to hit up a link, but I did today.
She does look good.

Check out Brit-Brit's diet secrets, at
Go 'head girl!!

For other pics of Brit in a bikini (U KNOW U WANT TO SEE , HER!!) click here

Britney's even doing MTV Promos for the VMA's check them out below, doesn't she look gorgeous??

U doggone right, i'm gone watch the VMAs-just cuz Brit's gone be on there, y'all!!

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For the latest on the village idiot known as Kwame Kilpatrick (Detroit City Mayor)


And on that note...

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