Sunday, August 10, 2008

My Name Is Bria...and I'm An Addict!

I admit it, I am straight up addicted to my laptop.

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My son called me at work Friday telling me the DSL wasn't working.
Well knowing my son, his 11.5 feet knocked a cord loose somewhere.
So I tell him to chill 'til I get home.
Once I get there, I see the offending red light blinking-no problem.
I go thru all the plugs making sure they're as they should be.
They were.
Ok, time to reset the modem and reboot the 'puter.
*whistling til the reboot completes*

still a flashing red light

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image source: Google

dog gone it i have to call tech support.
I'm told there's an outage in my i have a dial tone?
* I don't know, I don't use my house phone, it's 4 my dsl line*
I tell the tech support person to hold on while i check...absolute silence.
Ok cool, I reason that once my dial tone is back, so will my dsl.
To make a short story long-
that was not the case.
I was without internet: Friday, Saturday and partially today (Sunday).

My son checked on me frequently to make sure I was alright.
I was making it.
I took it one day at a an addict is supposed to.
I did read two books during the downtime.

Also, the internet experience is just not the same when I'm on my t-mo Dash, some links do not show up, I can't download like I want to etc.
If i want to read email, or scour the news sites it's fine...but it's NOT MY LAPTOP!!
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I hate that I missed out on posting about Bernie Mac also :(
May he R.I.P.
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'though Morgan Freeman's body's on the mend, apparently his marriage is D.O.A.

The ridiculousness of the flight attendant (Sandra Brown) that's suing Victoria Olsteen
I don't think the flight attendants were lying...i'm sure Mz. Vicki did shake her tail feathers, but I believe Sandra Brown is being ridamndiculous.
and OMG, John Edwards/Rielle Hunter-this one I can't believe...I thought this man was the salt of the Earth-with his philandering, floundering on TV-just like all the rest of the politicians-who are cockhounds-and are caught-looking-like-deer-in headlights-so is he-behind!
I mean his WIFE HAS CANCER!! He should've been with her! smh

I am addicted to internet news...and I'm proud of it!

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And on that note...

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