Sunday, August 10, 2008

Oh lawd, Now Isaac Hayes is Dead...damn damn damn!

The Original Shaft is gone, gone, gone...hanging onto Bernie Mac's toes

Isaac Hayes died today at the age of 65.

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Isaac was found unresponsive near a treadmill by a family member (some reports say his wife found him).
An hour later, he was declared dead,
Baptist East Hospital in Memphis.

I knew he was a scientologist, and when the creators of South Park made light of Scientology, Isaac did not take that well at all and decided to leave the show-making fun of black people on the show never bothered him though..hmmm go figure. Hayes left South Park

I'm not sure what the protocol is for a Scientologist who's passed away, but I guess we'll find out now. I'm sure the spokesperson for Scientology, Tom Cruise, will fit in there some kind of way.

For more information on the Isaac Hayes, click here
or here
R.I.P. Isaac Hayes

That Isaac Hayes was a bad mutha (shut my mouth)...I'm just talking about Isaac!

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