Monday, September 22, 2008

Apparently, Co-Co's Mag Is New News...

Former cop killa turned playin a cop on TV, Iced T's wife Co-Co has a self-entitled magazine out.

The thing is...Co-Co's been lurking in MI gas stations, on the lower shelves with all of the other soft porn mags for months now.

I know she's been chillin' in a couple of gas stations in Romulus, MI (near Detro Metro Airport) 


  • I stared it and thought it was vain to name a mag after herself.
  •  I stared at the mag and wondered if she was really bio female, and what that would make Iced (yeah i know it's Ice) if she's formerly a dude.

I'm not sayin she's not a bio female...I'm just wonderin' if she is a bio female!

  •  I thought she was irresponsible peddlin' her wares on the cover of a mag-knowing horny lil' boys would be exposed to the mag in public, eventhough her mag was wrapped loosely in plastic.

  I don't know, but as The YBF pointed out...her mag is geared towards black men.
Go figure.

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