Tuesday, October 14, 2008

America The Broke...And Her People R Killing themselves becuz of it...

What is Really Going On?


Being an American used to fill ur head with pride,

Now it's filling people's heads with lead.

The Switchboard of Miami has recorded more than 500 foreclosure-related calls this year.

The Switchboard of Miami has recorded more than 500 foreclosure-related calls this year.

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As more and more people continue to lose their homes, or suffer financial devastation-Americans are doing what they deem to be honorable:

killing themselves and family.

  • Pamela Ross shot herself as sheriffs came to evict her and husband from her home.
  • Karthik Rajaram, shot and killed his family-then himself, because it was more honorable to kill his family then to leave them with his debt.
  • Addie Polk, 90, shot herself and is recovering as she was being evicted.
  • Roland Gore shot his wife, their dog, set their home afire (which was in foreclosure) and then killed himself.
  • Carlene Balderama delayed her and hubby's foreclosure for 3.5 yrs. she hid foreclosure docs from her husband. She shredded docs, attempted to get refinanced and was unsuccessful. She then sent a letter to their mortgage co. saying by the time they get her letter, she'll be dead. Balderama killed herslf with her husband's rife-leaving the insurance policy on the table.

When will these stories become real enuf for the Govt., to pay attention to?
How long must the American dream..be an American nightmare?

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