Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Girl Stop! 9,000 pieces of US Mail hidden in a storage Unit!

She's about as wrong as a trick asking for payment by check or credit card! 

Taking a page out of Seinfeld, a mail carrier decided to hoard and hide the mail she was charged to deliver instead of ACTUALLY delivering it.

Jill Hull was a carrier
-in the sense that she carried the mail in her car to the storage unit- for 3 1/2 years when she resigned from her job in August.  As a result she fell behind on her storage unit payments.

Three weeks later when the unit was the storage company, 

NINE THOUSAND , 9K, 9,000 pieces of mail were found inside-there were a postmark found dating to 2005.

NOT HULL, (below)


When asked why she committed such an act-she replied she couldn't keep up but she needed the job.

I can't imagine how many people's bills went unpaid, utilities probably shut-off, child/social sec/unemployment/birthday etc checks went in the garbage!

And what about the arguments that ensued?  

Arguments that arose, because mail recipients thought their loved ones were lying when they said they had written them??

Hull's plan was to keep up the facade until she died.

*blank stare*

Yeah, ok.

Girl, Bye!!

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And on that note...

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