Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Yeah....Obama IS a black president...and what?!

You know..some folks always have to spoil...or try to spoil ur natural high. smh

Ok, as I was practicing saying, 'President Obama, President Obama, President Obama'..I decided to upate the title of the post to include Obama's the 44th president.

That's when I noticed I had a comment:

The first comment below is my read the 2nd comment first.

The commenter's name was omitted.

Gerald Erikson...what wud be so unique about saying We've Got A White President...WHEN THEY'VE ALL BEEN WHITE??? There'd be nothing new or unique about that statement.
The black community would say:

The best man won..and he was put in by WHITE that make u feel better?? does that level the playing field for you??
et over it, Obama's in.

GravatarI wonder what the black community would be saying if in the past and probably in the future there would be widespread statements such as the graphics heading above. "We got a white president" instead of "We got a black president" This graphics and similar statements drip of blatant black racism.

NOTICE: To those who are pissed that Obama B, won.


U have a couple of months to come to terms with the fact that our next president is a black man. He is a black man who will serve the people. Not a black man, for black people only. How simple do u sound??

Now if it feels better to hear me say Obama's an African-American, Non-White, Tanned-Minority-fine....i mean we're talking semantics here.

Do not come tripping and using the 'reverse' race card over ain't washing with me.

And before U EVEN start-I was voting conservative, until I got a good look at McCain.

so, now what??

check out Bria's Own Words

And on that note...

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