Monday, December 15, 2008

Little Over A Month Left...President Bush..

Poor George (President Bush), dude just can't catch a break. Here he is making his rounds on his farewell tour and it starts to rain shoes from heaven...well more like from the back of a conference room. Seems a middle eastern journalist by the name of Muntadhar al-Zaidi wanted to humiliate Pres. Bush.

Apparently he doesn't know that it takes more than a couple of flying shoes to humiliate an American.

*shrugs shoulders*

And I guess al-Zaidi is unaware of the crap Pres. Bush has had to swallow by his fellow Americans.

You mean his other faux pas' weren't humiliating enough???

Note to al-Zaidi: the shoe throwing would've had a greater impact IF Pres. Bush shared the same belief as your culture in that throwing shoes are a sign of disrespect. He doesn't share that sentiment-so u pretty much wasted your time, and your shoes. U know ur not getting your shoes back, right??

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And on that note...

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