Friday, March 27, 2009


One big happy 'family' (l-r) Alfie, Maisie, Chantelle

13 yr old Alfie (when he thought he was Maisie's,abv, father)

UPDATE::: See if young ass Chantelle played her cards right, she could've made a career out of crossing the Atlantic Ocean and being an international guest of Maury Povich's...what am I talking about??? Chile, the UK version of Maury Povichesque drama is embarrassing some folks let me tell u, it seems 13yr old Alfie (who looks all of 8yrs old) isn't Chantelle's baby daddy and Chantelle seems to have been handled more than the dirtiest dolla bill or should I say pound...who knew there were chickenheads in Europe?? After it was rumored Chantelle was nothing more than the neighborhood's jump off, Alfie's peeps decided to get a DNA test-good thinking. Good thinking, cuz the teenager with the 8yr old face IS NOT THE BABY DADDY! Wait til Maury get ahold of this story. On a brighter note, Alfie said regardless, he will still remain in the baby's life. That kid's more mature than many grown men I know. source

What are your thoughts, peeps??

In what turns out to be shocking, stunning, unheard of in the UK is sad but all too common in the U.S.A.:

Young Teenagers becoming parents...

It seems that Europeans are horrified that a 13yr old boy has stepped forward to claim the child of a 15yr old girl-that's where the two countries differ lol, the U.K. boy STEPPED UP to claim responsibility - but here's another piece to the puzzle that is foreign to U.S.A... a potential 2ND FATHER has stepped up to claim paternity...WHAT?!

Honey if it's in CNN...then IT MUST BE TRUE!! *sarcasm, sarcasm*

Here's how it went:

Alfie was 12, when he got his gf Chantelle 15, pregnant.

Their daughter, Maisie, was born Monday, 02.09.09. According to an interview, poor delusional Alfie thought it would be good to have a baby [at their age], and Chantelle wants to prove everyone they'll be good parents by staying in school. That is a start


However, 16yr old Richard thinks he's Maisie's father-even his mama thinks so. Maisie has Rich's eyes. Isn't that what the girls on Maury Povich say?

Look Maury, look! My son Kinquan has his daddy, Eastside Eddie's eyes and lips. And when my 2-month old son smiles and shows his gums, he REALLLY looks like his daddy-cuz he don't have no teef either! I'm a THOUSAND PERCENT sure that Eastside Eddie's the daddy-eventhough he has 16 kids by 18 diff baby mama's...I KNOW he is the daddy!

Tell me this doesn't sound like a Maury Povich show...the international version??

UPDATE: Ok, I have just found the original of the young parents story published by The Sun in the UK. OMG, this boy Alfie looks as if he's 8yrs old. His gf looks grown and it looks as if he's holding his baby sister. click here to see pics of Alfie, Chantelle & Maisie. See the video of the kids below:

check out Bria's Own Words

And on that note...

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