Thursday, March 05, 2009

Former NFL Player played by playa??

(this is NOT Nicole's Range Rover!)

Wow, I thought only women go to extremes when they suspect their significant other of cheating!! Apparently that's not the case with Michael Strahan and Nicole Murphy (eddie's ex-wife). It seems that Michael had 'a feeling' that Nicole was cheating and decided to attach a gps tracking device to her Range Rover-not once but twice. sigh

It all came to a head when Nicole took her truck to the dealership and mechanics quickly discovered the tracker. Few minutes later, guess who -with TOO MUCH TIME ON HIS HANDS-came screaming like a maniac into the dealership?? NO not Eddie...Michael Strahan.

ohhhh chile, bet he looked like a plum foolish maniac!! Read the rest of this retarded story here (he sounds like a rich paranoid perv)>>click here

check out Bria's Own Words

And on that note...

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