Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Reunited and it feels soooo good-for now!

Now that People.com has reported the reunion of Crihanna, many will stay glued to their pcs for the latest possible beatdown from Chris to Rihanna. I would like to ask Rih-Rih, why?? I do know (from personal experience) the bond of 'first love' is a motha to break. Betrayals, hurts etc are common, and forgiveness seems to be neverending. But where does one draw the line? Obviously not at looking like one got whooped up on by Mike Tyson (in his winning days). Half of Rih's nose was swollen and she had knots on her head that look as if she was trying to keep devil horns from sprouting out of her head...she's missed out on work (well, she probably needed the rest) but that's not the point. What will take for this girl and guy to understand it's not cool?? As a parent, woman, aunty etc...I'm afraid of the message it's sending out to the impressionable youth. How many men will continue to beat and how many girls will continue to endure abuse at the hand of the one 'they love' because Chrihanna decided to give it the old college try??

Simply put, Crihanna's going through what is called the 'honeymoon phase' but what's going to happen when the honeymoon's over?? I've never been in her shoes, true (those heels would kill me), but I have been with a man who showed his ass, and I didn't care how MUCH I like him-I kicked rocks. I was outta there. Just think of Sophia & Harpo from Color Purple-Sophia didn't play that and neither did/do I.

Let's just hope this soap opera called Crihanna doesn't have a climactic ending! smh

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