Monday, May 11, 2009

If It Wasn't For...

*warning: contains profanity*

UPDATE: I TOLD YOU they'd find his bitch ass dead!! George Zinkhan murders people and then is found...DEAD. The info reported was vague, weird to say the least. CNN said:

Cadaver dogs discovered the body with two guns in a wooded area of northwest Clarke County, about a mile from where Zinkhan's red Jeep Liberty was found last week, Athens-Clarke Police Chief Joseph Lumpkin said. The body was found "beneath the earth," Lumpkin said, without any clothes.

It wasn't revealed if he buried himself before his dying or if someone else killed him. The point is, I knew he was not going to be apprehended. smh Anyways...may he burn a thousand times over in purgatory.


If it wasn't for Bea Arthur's passing away at 86- my son-my man-father-brothers-nephews-my godsons-my-male blog brothers and cousins-my male friends on Facebook & Tagged-my male neighbors-the male cooks at work-my male co-workers-my male helpers at the party store & fast food restaurants-and my friends' male children-my singing postman (who really does need a recording contract)-and the males who get blamed due to other males' f&#k ups, I'd probably hate men right now.

I'm so sick and tired of reading about weak ass men who (when life throws them lemons), want to take it on the wife and/or kids. Whatever happened to stand-up men who laughed in the face of adversity??? Whatever happened to just dealing with the hand you were dealt? What is it with weak ass controlling men who can't let their spouse go when she wants to? Why must you kill her cuz she doesn't want your ass anymore? Hell, now I see why they left. I'm tired of reading on, EVERYDAY stories about punk ass men killing their families. Today's no different. This time punk ass GA professor George Zinkhan killed his wife and two of her peers at their community group theater reunion. What?! These people were unwittingly part of their own Shakespearean tragedy! The nutty professor killed his prominent attorney wife Marie Bruce (of course they were having marital issues), but he also killed set designers Tom Tanner & Ben Teague. It just doesn't pay to make friends or associate with married women these's damn near deadly to do so! The worse part of the crime? This punk ass professor had his 2 young children (ages 8 & 10) in the car...when he shot up the reunion. He then dropped the kids off at an associates house. This is where he didn't go stereotypical and kill the kids.

However, what are the odds he'll be found dead?? High, considering he's killed 3 people. Some professors (depending on the university) tend to have an arrogancy about themselves therefore their pride will not allow them to endure court and prison. Myself, I say quarter his ass and call it a damn day. Enough of this bitchassness nonsense. Read more here>>>

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