Thursday, April 16, 2009

It's Twitterific...but now I'm bored

By now EVERYONE should know the Twitter logo...the Tweet, Twit whatever bird. I decided to Twitter after I read a story on ran a story on James Karl Buck, who used Twitter to help him get released from an Egyptian prison. While I knew I wouldn't end up in an Egyptian prison...I figured if I had a flat tire or something if I sent the twit 'flat tire,' I'd have a twitter story to tell. I don't. And even if I twitted 'flat tire' it wouldn't do any good anyways seeing as my followers (those who volunteered to read my Twits)-most of them-don't live in MI lol Anyhooo I decided to stay on it bcuz most in my circle never heard of Twitter, and I felt I was in a special position bcuz I read it at CNN.

Now that celebrities have jumped on the Twitter bandwagon, I'm bored as hell with it. I've learned that between movies, performances etc...celebrities have a helluva lot of time on their hands-TOO MUCH DAMN TIME. I LOVE Demi Moore (mrskutcher on Twitter) and Ashton Kutcher (aplusk on Twitter). But I be DAMNED if they don't twit OFTEN...sometimes like every 3-5 minutes. Now Ashton was on the set of 5 killers making a movie...and I was getting his tweets at 5, 6am EST. Dude...go to sleep! Well, wait a minute-I do admit it was cool kowing the name of Kutcher's current project, and reading how he had to wax his chest bcuz his stunt double had waxed his lol it was funnier reading it on Twitter than watching the actual footage of Ashton getting waxed. Twitter also help Demi save someone's who was suicidal-life.

I removed Puff Diddy (iamdiddy)-talks too much too. John Mayer (johncmayer) is a talker too...but not on the Kutchers level. I give him credit though-he gets started in the late afternoon, but he can go until the wee hours of the morning. Shaquille O'Neal (the_real_shaq) is AWESOME...he talks, but he's not annoying, also, he twits about everyday crap like we do. Although he was twitting about a practical joke him and someone named Lou played on each other.

The Ellen show (thellenshow) had great tweets, but I removed her from my list cuz I'll never be able to win those giveaway prizes (she's in Cali)-although I can purchase some products she's pushing on the QVC channel this weekend :) Now Britney Spears, I've always loved her...she had the lead in twitter followers (Ashton is in the lead now)...i think I like reading her twits bcuz there aren't an oveabundance of tweets coming from her. Now, I'm reading Ashton Kutcher has challenged CNN in seeing who'll be the first to reach 1,000,000 followers. See what I mean? Even damn celebrities have too much time on their hands. Can someone please tell me what the next viral phenomenon is...cuz I'm bored with Twitter. Until then lol you can follow me on Twitter at

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