Saturday, May 09, 2009

Mia Farrow...I'm not sure why people will care if you starve yourself to death...intentionally

UPDATE: Mythbuster: Mia Farrow will not succumb to temptation to eat on her hunger strike (protest) on behalf of Darfur.
The last two days had become unbearable for Mia Farrow, who took to her blog to say, "I'm really struggling" and "I won't be able to continue much longer."

On Friday – day 12 of going without food to draw attention to the people of war-torn Darfur – the 64-year-old actress and humanitarian wrote, "I have ended this fast."

"I have been instructed by my doctor to stop my fast immediately due to health concerns – including possible seizures," wrote Farrow. "I am fortunate. The women, children, and men I am fasting for do not have that option."

Airline magnate Richard Branson says that he will take over the fast for the next three days. source

Result: Mia Farrow's name has circulated in the news for 12 days and now she can eat a 12 course meal and fade back into obscurity. Darfur is 4ever grateful, Mia.

Ummmm, recently I read about Mia Farrow and her hunger strike in the name of Darfur. sigh, maybe I just don't have a damn clue as to the kind of pull this woman has. I mean, is the world going to change it's path to hell, because skinny ass Mia Farrow decided to make herself even skinnier??? And riddle me this batman-IF you're doing this out of the kindness of your heart...why oh why are you reaching out to the media?? I'd understand if you spoke to the media about the plight of Darfur and verbally express your outrage and how appalled you are at the people's plight. But fasting, I thought, is personal. I mean seriously what is going to happen if you starve to death and Darfur is still fuc*ed? I'm pro-activism...but you're willing to diminish your capacity as a mother-daughter-friend etc to fight for something that's beyond your control?? I'm sorry, I don't buy that crap. How about getting together with some of your Hollywood connections, pool your heads and your resources and come up with an idea that'll express your outrage and help the people of Darfur as well??? Question...why not express outrage at the atrocities that are happening domestically?? Police brutality, tasering unnecessarily, redlining, lack of health insurance, people adopting overseas instead of adopting American children, unfair prison sentencing against minorities...why aren't you starving or fighting against those and other injustices that takes place right here in A-murder-ca?? (thanks Field Negro!) I'm all for fighting for a cause, but I also believe in choosing one's battles. There's a difference between giving and lending oneself to a movement and using the poor as a means to stay relevant.

I'm not buying it, Mia. Read more about Mia Farrow and her cause here>>>

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