Thursday, April 23, 2009

Sometimes, death isn't a bad thing..

caretaker of the year, alleged murderer Lorrie Thomas

The more I blog and read these ridiculous stories, the more incensed I become. If you're a regular reader of UBR, then you know I tend to stay away from stories that take place in my own backyard cuz...well, cuz I just do. It's unpleasant to write about, and there's enough writers out there who are at the ready to speak negatively about MI esp. if those involved in black.

I'm writing about this story because if it were in any other state-I'd blog it. I'm livid because in Flint, MI the child pictured above, Shylea Thomas (age unknown in pic), seemed to have the cards stacked against her at an early age. Her quadriplegia was a result of a suffocation incident that transpired when she was 3 mos of age. I'll leave that alone. Being a baby, child, and then tweener quadriplegic has it's share of problems and burdens, but what would cause a person to kill (and I say killed because if it was natural causes, this wudn't be a story) a disabled child, abandon her in a storage unit stuffed inside of a garbage bag, only to be found there covered with moth balls...helpless and killed at the age of 9?? And this was after she lived her life in squalor. WHY??? Why did it take 6wks for relatives to report Shylea missing?? Who's at fault? Where does the blame lay?? We'll never know the truth-from Shylea's standpoint, but considering what I've read and the circumstances in which she lived, in this instance I say without hesitation-Shylea is better off dead. May she rest in peace and my her trifling ass (yeah I said it) caretaker be brought to justice. If only MI served the type of justice that's all too familiar in Texas.


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