Thursday, April 02, 2009

Ummmm, This May Be a Stab in the dark BUT I'M GOING THERE!!

Ummmm I'm going to anger many an Oprahite, but ask me if I care. Several friends and I have speculated that Oprah may have 'switched teams'...if you know what I mean. I'm not saying it's because Oprah and Gail hang like wet clothes, hell I hang with my girls. There's no one thing we can put our fingers on, and we can't talk about this with just anyone...but I swear when I've watched Oprah, Oprah indirectly speaks lesbianese. Ok, Stedman hasn't been on the scene for awhile, Gail's always there, she aired a show about women leaving men for women, men who whoop up on women (reason to go to women?? just asking) and others. I'm not saying Oprah's lesbianese and even if she won't impact my life. I'm just asking cuz I swear she seems to be leaning that way.

Don't tripp, I'm just thinking out loud.

image source: CNN

And on that note...

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