Saturday, May 23, 2009

555lb 14yr old?!

I am convinced (though others will agree), the biggest hindrance in a male's life (ie, why many men aren't worth the drawers they wear) is his mother or next closest female relative. For whatever reasons mother who are empty internally, choose to handicap their male child by creating an environment in the name of 'love', which in reality is fuc*ing TOXIC. In my own life, I've seen women consult their male child as if he was the one paying bills. WTH??

In South Carolina, Alexander Deundray Draper and his mother Jerri Althea Gray were wanted What possible reason could Jerri Althea Gray give to any sane person for creating a child who's morbidly obese?? 555lbs on a 14yr old?? My heart goes out to this child. Gray was supposed to show up for family court but failed to do so. A warrant was then issued for her arrest. Authorities located mother and son in Baltimore, Maryland near a laundrymat. You take a 555lb on the run??? I can't imagine his heart, joints-the stress ...smdh

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