Thursday, May 14, 2009

This is Some Bulls#%t!

Klept'd from YKYDAW

Valicia Demery's body was found by a jogger.

DISTRICT HEIGHTS, Md. -- Court documents have revealed disturbing communications between a murdered teenager and the father of her unborn child shortly before her death.

High School Sweetheart Suspected in Pregnant Teen's Death

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A 20-year-old man is accused of running over his 19-year-old pregnant girlfriend with a car on Mother's Day.

19-year-old Valicia Demery's body was discovered on the football field at Forestville Military Academy early Sunday morning. Police say she had been run down with a car. Her family says the Forestville graduate was four months pregnant.

Demery's high school sweetheart, 20-year-old Bernard Bellamy, is charged with murder in her death.

Court documents released today reveal text messages showing Bellamy's mounting frustration with Demery, because she did not want to terminate her pregnancy.

Below is a transcription of those text messages from Prince George's County Court Documents:

Demery: I really hope u cum to ur senses soon . . . I didn't make this baby myself.

Bellamy: I hope u come 2 urs b4 its 2 late.

Demery: B4 whats too late?

Bellamy: U will see.

Bellamy, a decorated student known for his leadership at Forestville Military Academy, was arrested Monday at West Virginia State University, where he has a full military scholarship.

"This is a lose, lose situation," Col. Stanley Turner of Forestville Military Academy said. "This is hard for me, this is hard for you, and I know it."

Bellamy served as student body president for two years at Forestville; he was also the drill commander, and captain of the golf and basketball teams.

**Murder was the case that they gave his ass. Riddle me this batman...why is it males does what it takes to create a child and then when the child's conceived, they want to backpedal. 3 lives lost....that's a damn shame. I already know his ass is going to get the worse sentence...killing a baby...QUARTER HIS ASS!!

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