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What's the big deal

Gunther von Hagens' controversial "Body Works" shows have traveled throughout the world.

Gunther von Hagens' controversial "Body Works" shows have traveled throughout the world.

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I haven't had the pleasure of viewing the exhibit entitled Body Works, but from what I'm told you'll either A) Love it or B) Be scared to death!! lol Myself...I'd love to see these cadavers on exhibit doing daily activities...such as playing basketball, soccer or...having sex??

Well, the cadavers aren't literally having sex, they're just positioned to give the impression of uhhhh, copulating lol The female cadavor is atop of the male cadaver...big deal! How do we think we got here? Apparently, Gunther von Hagens thought it was a good idea-well hell, I don't think it's a bad idea. Now if they were mechanically demonstrating a sex act then yeah ok...but it's not ugly-our stinking thinking makes sex ugly!

For those not familiar with the Body Work exhibit it entails the:
'... [cadaver] bodies with their muscles, nerves and tendons on show using a preservation technique he pioneered called plastination.

This process involves replacing all body fluids and soluble fat with specially manufactured plastics.'

von Hagens, when asked about cadavers and the depiction of sex had this to say:

"death and sex are both taboo topics. I'm bringing them together. Death belongs to life." He added that "without sex no life would exist.
Point made.

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