Monday, May 14, 2012

It's Been Awhile, But I'm Still Around :)

Hi Everyone!! It's been almost two years, so I figured I'd post :) I'd like to say, I'm still an Atheist-a HUGE ONE!! lol But more importantly, I'm the grandmother of two beautiful boys who were born 3 months apart last year. To say I have a full busy life would be an UNDERSTATEMENT!! Everyday, I'm reminded of just how beautiful life truly is.
 Now, I'm going to introduce to you, my grandsons!!

Blake is on the right, Ryan's on the left <3

My children, who I couldn't be more proud of...are AMAZING parents!!  Blake is now 10 mos and walking with assistance, Ryan, 7 mos, is a jumper. He jumps into your arms as if he's being propelled lol Hilarious!

It's more important for me now that I have another generation under my belt, to let my grands know they have choices.  First, it's NOT necessary to believe in a deity in order to be a successful, moral person. Two, if you choose to believe-KNOW why you're believing.  It's not enough to believe because you were raised to do so. QUESTION EVERYTHING.

Since my last post, I've been busy in the Atheist movement.  Last year,  I created a group called Minority Atheists of MI and we're now 40 members strong.  We're also part of the African Americans for Humanism project in addition to being part of  Detroit CoR (Detroit Coalition of Reason).  We also educate people as to what Atheists are and aren't. Nope, not devil worshippers, nope not immoral, nope we don't eat the young.  We simply reject claims of deities based on lack of evidence.

For more information you can find us here:
Minority Atheists of MI website
Minority Atheists of MI facebook
Minority Atheists of MI twitter
Email me: beautifulblackatheist(at)gmail(dot)com, I'll be happy to answer questions. Idiocy will be marked as spam. ;)