Sunday, September 23, 2007

Priority #1-Not the U.S.A, but the Mrs. (and they call us "ghetto," and "uncouth?!")

Well it looks like Rudy Giuliani's , presidential candidate, weakness is still women. So much in fact, that during a speaking engagement with the NRA (National Rifle Association for those unaware) his wife called him during his speech (who does she think she is-doesn't she know he's a public speaker?!), and he not only answered the phone but he engaged in conversation! (excuse me?!). Everyone knows the NRA do not play, and he better thank his heavenly Father-that he didn't catch 6 bullets to his cell phone hand! I'll thank Him on his behalf---

Thank you Lord, for being the soothing balm on the NRA's itchy trigger fingers!

Can you imagine him as President and during the middle a very important press conference, his wife calls and he answers?! I shudder to think. Let this be a foreshadow of things to come, if this man is chosen as President. You can only ride the wave of 9/11 for so long before that comes to an end-Guiliani. Get it together and tell that woman to send you A TEXT MESSAGE (when you can't speak on the phone) or better yet CALL DURING THE RIDE TO WORK, ON BREAK, ON LUNCH, OR ON THE WAY HOME- like the rest of WORKING AMERICA!! As a customer, I know for a fact you can get an unlimited text msg pkg w/T-mobile for $14.99.
Guiliani needs to pull the reigns in on that one!

You don't believe Guiliani's capable of something so tacky? Well neither did I until my mama enlightened me. I present to you the evidence:

Can you say stupid? This goes under the file "What in the World was He thinking?!"

Y'all betta recognize, fam!

source:, and youtube

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