Friday, September 28, 2007

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Grandpa Terry

What's In Your Wallet??

We've seen the citibank commercial over a gazillion times, and I'll once ask again..."what's in your wallet?" or better yet..."what ISN'T in your wallet?"

If you like other Americans answered "money," you'd be in the majority.

Next question, "are you on a budget?" Most Americans who are in debt-do not utilize a budget.

Why use a budget?
Budgeting helps you to see where your money's going.

For ex., Starbucks coffee is delicious, but one $4 cup everyday on the way to work is $20/wk, $80/month, and a whopping $960 per year. Think of the gas you can purchase with $960 per year. Ok, it still wouldn't pay for a year but it'll make a huge dent in your gas budget! $960 is a down payment towards a car, you can buy new textbooks for a school year, you can treat yourself to wardrobe (on sale) etc.

Budgeting takes determination and discipline, it's not for the faint at heart, but for those who want to have money in the bank.

Where to Start

In searching for a credible online debt website, I could not believe my fortune when I read about "Grandpa Terry." Grandpa Terry, a former navyman, considers his job title "grandpa" to be his most important job right now. His website called "Budget Stretcher" found at

contains so much information about debt relief, that it seems almost criminal to offer it to the public-FREE. That's right, it's free. Many of our questions are answered here, and you can also sign up to receive helpful information via email. Also, he's speaking from experience. Grandpa Terry admits when he met his goal in the navy of being promoted to Second Class Petty Officer, Grandpa T admitted his finances were in a mess. Grandpa keeps it real, he is nonsense and he will help you get out of debt.
This is a start.
Next Friday, I will take a tip from Budget Stretcher and include it in Financial
Freedom Friday's post.
Fam, you betta recognize. It's time for a change.
p.s. you cannot get out of debt, if you do not know how much debt you owe. Go here to get your FREE annual credit report:
source: Budget Stretcher. image: budget stretcher

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